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April 2020

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

It is starting to warm up in Mississippi and we are not ready for the humidity and the heat! It has been nice to have some cooler weather and a ton of rain, but it will be nice to get out of the crazy storm season. I am pretty sad that this has been the first winter we have not snowboarded since 2012. I had some plans to go out west this month before starting T-1 training, but the corona kind of messed that up. On a positive note I got to spend tons of time with this lovely lady!!

Jen finished T-6 training in the middle of the month and then the very next week is when I started T-1 training. We are still flying, but the classes will all be online. But during the time off I read 8 books, ran 175 miles, and built a pull up bar that doubles for handstands during our competition! Jen ran 80 miles, but hurt her ankle and has had to take a break. She has been scrap booking a lot and sending Happy No-Day presents out.

As you can see Jen is doing very well with her handstands and I wish I could say the same about me:) We are still working towards 30 seconds and I am looking at some pasta recipes.

Jen gave me a huge chocolate bunny for Easter as she always does, so I can fill it with milk and eat the bunny a little at a time. I washed our RV for the first time and Jen found a new hobby of shopping at Dirt Cheap. This store has changed my wife into a different person, please watch to video to see what I mean.

We have some big news to announce; I will not be doing monthly blogs anymore. I know that our 2 fans will be very disappointed with this news and with that I will say do not worry. We have other plans. We are trying our hand at podcasts and working on our YouTube videos. Jen and I will still be doing blogs too, just not on a fixed timeline. The reason for this is because the next few months will be very busy with not much to write about. We will be studying and flying and enjoying each moment! Thank you all and see you next time!!

"I hate quotations. Tell me what you know." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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"Girl you go get that ladder!!" Hahahaha I'll miss your monthly updates, but excited for the podcast! Also, what, I never realized you could drink milk from a chocolate bunny haha you guys are hilarious. And YAY for Dirt Cheap! haha

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