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ASSIGNMENT NIGHT!! and some other announcements

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Looks like we will be heading to California to fly the C-17!! We could not be more excited!!

This is how assignment night (or drop night) works. None of the students know what aircraft or what location they will be going when the night starts. Then, one by one, all the students stand up on stage to get roasted by your flight commander in front of hundreds of people. After getting roasted you turn around and look at the screen to find out what the assignment is and where you are moving to in less than a month. It is a pretty stressful moment for the students, but very entertaining for everyone else. You can always see the people who are not happy about their assignments and they have to handle their emotions in front of everyone. It is kind of cruel, but it is a tradition and everyone loves it. Here is why...

Since we have been done flying for a while, we have been focusing on our YouTube videos and of course, Podcasting!! We are very excited to for our upcoming episode (Episode 13) where we will be having our first guest speaker!! He is a very good friend of ours and we talk about Pilot Training and how we have grown individually through these trialing times!

You can find our Podcast on iTunes or Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. Here is the link. Enjoy:)


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