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August 2019

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

We start off the month with a trip to Memphis for some swimming and an outside movie on one of my Dad's inventions. I also traded my cr500 motorcycle for a Saturn Ion to my brother. We are trying to keep miles off Jolene so this little car will be perfect and the bike is still in the family so I still get to see her!

In the middle of the month we met my family at Pickwick Lake for some lake shenanigans and good times:) Our cousin from Pennsylvania was able to make it as well as her boyfriend! We were able to get 4 skiers up behind the boat and some of us had some very painful landings from a 30 foot cliff!!

Up first, we have some proper rope swing water entries.

Then, there are some other ways to do it....

My Dad was black and blue on his leg and belly for a week after this belly flop! Sorry for all the videos but it makes me laugh so I'm not really that sorry haha. Anyways, it was a great trip with some even better people!

On the 22nd we moved to another RV Park which was about 2 miles from our first one. This new one is not near the Highway and there is not an ant problem there either so we are really enjoying our new home. It was also nice that we moved everything in about an hour. We are really loving the RV life!!

The month ended with Labor Day weekend and we try to always spend this with Jen's family. Since we got the time off and we are able to travel anywhere in the country we flew out to California for the Reunion. It was great to see everyone and spend another weekend on the lake before winter starts coming!

"Well done is better than well said" - Ben Franklin

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