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Blanket Ladder for Under $10

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

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Easy-to-build and cost-effective blanket ladder that will add some modern style to your house!

The wood that I used for this project:

1 - 1x4x8

1 - 1x10x4

1 - 2x4x8

I cut the 2x4 in half and then routed the edges to make it into a dowel. If you look at Lowe's for a dowel, they are quite pricey. This can be made yourself for a fraction of the cost. Just need a router! And they are fun to use.

I also cut the 1x4 in half to give me the two main vertical pieces. That 1x4 is $2 at Lowe's. I try to use this lumber as much as possible!

The 1x10 was used for the shelving portion of the ladder. If you add the wooden dowels where I have the shelves it will still look cool. We wanted something a little different so we added the shelves to the ladder.

The 2x4 that I used, I retrieved from an old pallet and the 1x10, I found in the trash. That puts the cost of this ladder to $2 for us. If you were to buy all of this lumber, however, it would set you back just shy of $10. Easy and quick project. Enjoy!

I also love that Macramé piece that my wife made! She is so talented!!

Live Love // Zo Agape

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