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We got home from Kenya and the very next weekend we were off the San Diego, CA to my dad's family reunion. Every labor day we get together somewhere new. We were at Camper land and it was very packed, but very fun. We hung out around the RV, went to the beach, went on a bike ride (Dad almost got jumped because of Rissa lol) and went to Sea World.

Soon after this, we went and surprised Bran's parent in TN. They had no idea that we were coming and it was hilarious. Kelsey and Jesse were the real MVP's. Kels picked us up at the airport and played it off great! Below was Brandon's disguise (of course pops had to rep it after), but they failed to hear the door bell ring. Kelsey went inside and played it off so well. She told them they had a package and then we face timed them from the car.  It was great listening to them try to figure out how this random package showed up on their doorstep as we sat in the car on the driveway. At the end of the day, it was a success! Haha.

After we got back from TN, the next weekend we decided to head back to CA for Ella's birthday. Ella is my step-sister's daughter. We went to her soccer game and Elisa's which is her sister. These two girls are so sweet and Brandon and I just adore them. He says he doesn't want girls, but I know he would be a great dad to them:) Anyways, we watched them play soccer then went back to the house to get ready for her birthday. They had a slip and slide and water themed birthday. It was a blast and then that night Ash and I made pumpkin pie from scratch. PHENOMENAL.

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