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We drove from Wheatland, Wy to Canada. We crossed the border into Canada at Sweet Grass. Stayed the night at Walmart with crazy, high winds. Then we pressed on for Banff. Banff was extremely touristy, but beautiful. We drove around the town, but didn't want to pay for the day pass as we got there at the end of the day. We were satisfied with what we saw and pressed on for Jasper.

We drove the Icefield parkway which is considered one of the best drives in North America. It was definitely one of the best drives we have taken. You could see 100 ft glaciers on the top of a mountain peak or various glaciers on the sides of mtns. We stopped at made fettuccine alfredo with lots of veggies for dinner.

We got into Jasper late at night and enjoyed it much more than Banff. It was not nearly as touristy and we felt had a more homey feel. That morning we got up to do some mountain biking which was a blast. We biked 20+ miles and rode back down to the town on our mtn bikes. Sadly, we had to bike back up the mtn to the car! Either way it was great.  We decided to head out and on our way out we found Jasper lake. It was probably about 2 feet deep the entire width of the entire lake. We walked out probably half of lake and there was people out even further than us.

After that we headed off into the Yukon Territory of Canada.  The 16th was our anniversary so we decided to open up our sparkling cider and celebrate over a stove cooked meal. The Yukon was beautiful and desolate. We saw a variety of bears, moose, porcupine, and hundreds of buffalo. We pressed on for Alaska. Along the way we stopped at Sign Post Forest. We got to post our sign near the entrance! We went through the town of Whitehorse and got A&W for dinner. We caught up on some homework and pressed on for Dawson City. Dawson City was our favorite town in the Yukon due to its rustic, western nature. It was like stepping back in time as all the buildings were early 1900's if not earlier. Today, we crossed into Alaska and are excited to get to Fairbanks!

Time is the least thing we have -Ernest Hemingway

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