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DIY Rustic Entry Table with @richandrustichome

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

This project was super fun because it was with one of my new friends from instagram Jocelyn! Techology is so awesome. Jocelyn @richandrustichome was holding a virtual DIY class to build a diy side table. I loved the look and I improvised it a bit to create a much larger entry table. Here are is the YouTube video and a few photos from the project.

To start out this project I had three 1x6's at the house that I used. I cut two 45" pieces and then three 32" pieces. I then took one of the 32" pieces and ripped it down on the table saw.

Here is a sketch of the exact cuts and measurements so there is no confusion.

After I got the 1x6 ripped down I went ahead and attached to top of the table together using pocket joints, wood glue and screws. Don't attach the legs yet because you will need to cut them at a 10 degree angle to sit on the floor correctly. I didn't have a beveled mitre saw so Jocelyn showed me to change the angle of my mitre saw and then cut the pieces up and down.

After that I attached the legs together using pocket joints, wood glue and screws. I then found the middle of the legs and drilled out a hole big enough for the jigsaw to fit in it. Then I cut out the square with the jigsaw which is where the crossbar will go.

Lastly, I drilled a few more pocket holes in the legs to attach it to the top of the wood, used wood glue and screws. This project was super beginner friendly and I'm so glad I got to make it with my friend all the way in Canada!!

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