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Easy 20 minute Granola Bars

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

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Are you sick of paying almost a dollar for healthy, all natural granola bars? Me too! These tasty bars have become a weekly staple in our household. I've been making these all natural, chewy, delectable granola bars for well over a year, so I decided I better share the recipe!

Quick, easy and I wrap them so my husband can quickly grab one as he runs out the door. The recipe I will share varies substantially. I used to follow it to a T, but now I understand the basic concept and sub whatever else I want in. The most important ingredients nut butter, honey and quick oats. Dates also really help, but I haven't been using them as much because they require most of the prep work. **They must be quick oats. Those must be in there, but as far as everything else substitute away!

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1 Comment

I can't wait to make these this weekend! I missthem so much. They will be perfect for us because Ed is trying to gain while I'm trying to maintain.... it's been hard to cook for the two of us! but these will help so much

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