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Farm Kitchen Table for $125

A project with a great story behind it! This would normally cost you $125 if you were buying the lumber from Lowe’s and who knows how much if you were to buy from a woodworker or even walmart. I say $125 because without the cedar wood you would have to buy more 2x8's to compensate. For us it cost $95. The 4x4’s and one 2x4 that I used for the legs cost $65. The pine 2x8’s used for the top cost $30 and the cedar that is used in the middle and the bench I got from my Dad.

This wood has a cool story because my Dad found this cedar tree laying across the road and picked it up. He had someone mill it up and has been carrying it around waiting for the right project to use it on. That happened before I was even born. He gave me these 3 pieces a couple years ago and I started doing the same thing by waiting for the right project. Well the right project finally came. My dad even came out to Oklahoma to help build it with me!

The most challenging part was pouring the epoxy. We had to do this because there were some holes in the cedar wood. Both of us have never done this before and we weren't really sure what color it would be when it was done. We just went for it and I love the way it turned out. It is just normal automotive epoxy that I got from Lowe's. We just mixed it together and slopped it on the table. Very delicate procedure.

We even had my beautiful mother there to make sure we did a good job!

Next we sanded it down. Nothing special here. Started with 80 grit and worked all the way up to 320. I thought it would leave scratch marks on the epoxy and it did. However, the first coat of polyurethane cleaned it up and the scratches are not noticeable now.

For the legs, I used 11 degrees on the Miter saw to cut the angles. To connect the 4x4's together I used 1 lag bolt and 2 screws for every joint. This can be seen very well in the video at the end of this blog. Very sturdy and I would not have done it any other way.

For the bench I used the same angle cut as the table legs. For the support that stretches length wise, I used pine 1x4's to save money and weight. It is still very strong. Here is the video of the build that my lovely wife put together. Enjoy!

LIVE LOVE // Zo Agape

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