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Farmhouse Kitchen table

Happy Monday! First off, I hope you are having a great week. Real quick before we get too far into the post make sure to keep a look out as we will be changing all of our platforms to the same name (Youtube, Instagram and the Website) very soon. We haven't decided on a name yet because it is a big change, but just so you know you may be getting updates from Life with The Ruths instead of Zo Agape. It's the one we are leaning towards.

Today we are finally getting to share our Farmhouse Kitchen Table 2.0 version. Brandon did so great re-building the table top, the legs and for putting up with my crazy request in the first place. We both didn't want to leave such beautiful cedar wood here so we decided to re-do the table top. The finished look really brought the whole space together and I couldn't be happier with it.

Now Brandon has taken over the writing to explain the process haha.

The best thing about farmhouse tables is that the imperfections are what makes it so beautiful! That means the less you try to make this table look perfect, the better it will look! From the wood that I used, to the way that I sanded it down and finished it, I treated it as though it was wood that I got from an old farmhouse. I created an affordable PDF guide part of our build this series. It will will walk you threw every single step of EXACTLY how we created ours. I will also show you some tricks and advice for making it look a little differently if you would be interested in that as well. Thank you so much for supporting all the hard work that went into this project.

You can purchase it on our website from the Support Us tab.

Here is a few photos from the process of building the table. I will save all the in depth building instructions for in my PDF.

I cut down all the pieces for the top of the table top.

Sanded down and added on the end pieces.

I screwed the end piece on.

Used a router, stain and polyurethane finish.

Then I finished off the project by building the legs and this was with the help from my dad! Here is a finished product of the legs before we painted it white.

Thank you for following along and I hope you love your new table and it will last many years!!


Brandon Ruth

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