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Floating Bed Frame #2 for $100

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Another version of a floating bed frame for just $100!!

This bed frame is very similar to the first floating bed frame. With that being said if you have read the previous blog about the first floating bed frame, you may have some Deja vu. The obvious difference between the two is the fact that perimeter boards are sitting vertical rather than horizontal. You know, different design and all... pretty ingenuitive I know. However, the main support and structure is basically a spitting image.

Tools that are needed

  • Circular Saw or a hand saw if you have a lot of free time

  • Screw gun and screws

  • Sand paper (I use 80 grit first, 120, and then 220 grit. No need for anything else)

  • Stain

  • Tung oil finish (just wipe it on)

  • Router (Not necessary, but it just softens the edges)

  • Dumpster Diving skills are optional as well (This saved me $50 on this project alone)

Another thing that is different is the price for us. The first one cost us $45 and this one cost us a heart wrenching $50. The increase in price for us was for an extra 2x4 that I was not able to find in local dumpsters.