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Floating Bed Frame for $100

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

You can watch our Youtube video on the process below


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A floating bed frame is great because it looks great and does not require that much lumber so it keeps the price lower. However, if you were to buy one of these from a company the price would be enough to make you want to scream into a pillow.

Tools that are needed

  • Circular Saw or a hand saw if you have a lot of free time

  • Screw gun and screws

  • Sand paper (I use 80 grit first, 120, and then 220 grit. No need for anything else)

  • Stain

  • Tung oil finish (just wipe it on)

  • Router (Not necessary, but it just softens the edges)

  • Dumpster Diving skills are optional as well (This saved me $55 on this project alone)

For the how-to portion of this, I will display the info in the order that we made it. I had my Dad here for a few days helping me with some projects, so if you see a good looking man with gray hair in the video on YouTube video, that is him. Our first employee, Tom, is also on the video. Make sure you go meet him if you haven't seen the video yet (The link is at the bottom of this blog). The first thing we did was build the border with 2x8’s from Lowe’s. We only used three 2x8’s and cheated with the fourth one because we used a 2x4. No one will see the back side unless they are replacing their mattress which doesn’t happen very often, according to our mattress salesman. The measurements in this step are kind of important here because it determines everything. For our queen mattress, I made the outside border 4 inches wider and two inches longer than a standard queen mattress. That will create a 2 inch border around the sides and the front of the mattress. The back of the mattress will be flush against the wall. The back will be hidden, so you have to take advantage of that and SAVE THAT MULAHH!! That 2 inch border gives it the platform look that we were going for. So if all of that made zero sense to you, that is ok. Here is what I am saying: