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From May to getting the Corona-virus in July

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

For Memorial day we went up to my parents house to relax and act like hooligans as usual!!

Jen and I miss the mountains so much that we have been spending a lot of time mountain biking recently in Tuscaloosa or Birmingham. It's the closest to a mountain as we can get down here! We have also been road biking and Jen found a local tumbling gym that we go to so we can work on our handstands and other goofy stuff!! Also, there is a blueberry farm close by that charges $7 for a whole gallon of BLUEBERRIES!! What a Deal!!

As soon as I finished T-1 academic training at work, they scheduled me for a flight the next day. June 12th is when I had my dollar ride in the T-1 and it was a blast. Jen had her dollar ride shortly after mine. Pretty much everyday after our first flights we flew or had a simulator until July 4th weekend...

Now, for our first-hand Corona-virus experience. For July 4th, we had a four-day weekend. Jen started feeling not so great prior to the weekend. We thought it was just from being in the heat too much because it is crazy hot in Mississippi now. One night she had the A/C running all night and I was freezing! At 3 am I turned the A/C off. Jen woke up in the next 2 minutes to turn it back on and said she really needs it. That was a very strange situation because I am the one who is normally hot at night and now I am the one shivering to sleep with blue lips (little dramatic, I know). She felt better the next day, but not 100% the rest of the weekend. Another strange symptom she had was not being able to smell or taste. She learned this when she got a calzone from a local pizza shop we were excited to try for the first time. She was very disappointed in it, and said it was bland. Later, she realized it was because she could not smell or taste anything!! I started having sinuses and congestion at the start of the weekend. I never had a fever like Jen, but I did loose my sense of smell. This is when we decided to tell the people at work and go get tested. We could not go into work with a clear conscious, so we got quarantined until our test results come back.

It took a week to get our results back and when they told us we were positive for COVID, it was not a surprise to us. Although the illness was as intense as a flu for us, there was a feeling to it that we both have never felt before. Now we are quarantined for 2 weeks and don't tell anyone, but Jen and I were a little excited. Now is the time we can GET SOME STUFF DONNEEEE!!!!!!!!

As I mentioned in the previous blog, Jen and I have been wanting to start a Podcast. What better time to do so than in quarantine!! So we did!!

Also, during this vacation, I mean quarantine, we biked a lot, ran a little, and of course we got some studying done too:) I rebuilt my 1980's mountain bike into a modern-day gravel bike and Jen got a ton done on her Etsy account.

That is all I have for this time!! Sorry, I am just now realizing how much I posted! But I am going to leave it because it is all great memories for us. Thank you for your time and in the mean time, Jen and I will just be hanging out in our RV!! Hopefully, the Air Force will let us fly again eventually!!


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2 commentaires

Love it!! Love you guys :) :) xoxox You know, on second thought, maybe I don't want you living close to us - how could we even keep up with all this!?!? Haha jk jk ;) But I love you both and I've really enjoyed listening to the podcast! Hopefully I'll get to see you soon ;)


As always, a complete "kick in the pants" couple. Loved the drone shot at the end on the RV!

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