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Grand Canyon-Antelope Canyon-St. George- Hoover Dam

We got to pick Bran's parents up from the airport and what a fun time! We completely embarrassed his dad. Check out the video below.

We picked up his parents, Aunt Lori and Abby and headed to our house for the night. The next morning we got up and left for the Grand Canyon. We took the train from Williams into the Grand Canyon, it was beautiful. Sadly, I was terribly sick though with a sore throat.

After the Grand Canyon we headed to Page, AZ. We got up the next morning and went to Antelope Canyon and saw Horseshoe Bend.

After that we headed off to see my sister, mom, and grandparents in St George, UT. Having all these people together that I love so dearly is awesome!

Lastly, we stopped over that night in Las Vegas before Bran's family headed back home. We saw hoover dam and in the morning we rode the big apple rollercoaster in Vegas!

We always enjoy the time we spend together:)

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