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I dropped off my husband to hike the Appalachian Trail and then I went to pick up my sister in Boston, Mass. This started our 4 day weekend get away trip. It was amazing. First day, we drove to Portland, Maine and we got a lobster roll. Next, we went to a pub and got $1 tacos. INCREDIBLE! We biked around the town and hd too much fun here. Of course we had to stop after dinner for some homemade, local ice cream! No trip would be complete without it. Lets not mention that during our bike ride around town, the front tire of Jessica's bike fell off, Macy's handle bars wouldn't stay up and my front brakes didn't work.

The next day we hung out at Orchard Beach, it too was beautiful. We first had breakfast on the beach, walked around town, enjoyed some Canadians sing my sister happy birthday and treated ourselves to quite a tasty lunch on the pier! Lets not mention laxatives haha! We finished the night off at Portsmouth, New Hampshire. We walked around town and listened to some great live music. Jess left her number on a napkin and said it hasn't failed me yet. We thought it may have when he never texted her that night, but the very next day she got a text from him haha! Now she can still say it hasn't failed her yet. Next we headed to a truck stop to get a shower and Bryan hooked us up with a free shower! SWEET!! Off to a Walmart parking lot for the night!

The most amazing part of the trip though was driving down the coast line. From Main, New Hampshire to Boston we loved looking out houses. Choosing which ones we loved and stopping at a small restaurant on the ocean. We got back to Boston and ate at this amazing healthy, local restaurant called B Good!  Off we went to find some tickets from a scalper. We thought we got a sweet deal when he said this is quite the deal, "these are the best seats you can get." Boy were we wrong and we seriously needed some binoculars! IT wasn't a big deal at all though, we still thoroughly enjoyed the game and finished off the night grabbing nachos. At 4:30 am I had to drop my sister and Mace off at the airport and I was off to grab Brandon from a trail head in Vermont!

"We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand- and melting like a snowflake" Francis Bacon

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