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May 2019

Updated: Jan 19, 2021


On the first of May family and friends started making their way to Prescott Arizona to see Jen and I graduate from college and commission into the Air Force! I had my friend from high school who is now a C-5 pilot commission me and Jen had her Grandpa Bill commission her who is a retired Lieutenant Colonel. It is also a tradition in the military to give your first salute to someone after being commissioned. Jen's first salute was to her previous flight chief, Chief Russell and my first salute was with my grandpa who served in the Army. We are so blessed to have them and of course our other family members and friends be a part of one of the biggest days of our lives! We have worked so hard and long for this day and when it finally came, the day was over before we even realized it. It was such a great experience that we cannot thank everyone enough for the love and support!

My family rented a whole house from Airbnb which gave a place for both our families to gather. On the 3rd after our commissioning ceremony, everyone was at the house so Jen and I thanked everyone and had a surprise drone for my brother because that was his birthday. Then he said "since everyone is here now, I guess we'll let everyone know that my wife is pregnant with our second child!" No one was expecting this and it was a great addition to the other great news that weekend.

Some of my family stayed a few extra days and we were able to hike in Sedona, see the Grand Canyon, Williams, and they got to explore Prescott as well.

Once everyone left, it was time to start packing the house and get ready to move to Mississippi. We had to start driving on the 12th and everything in the house would not fit in our trailer so I had sell a ton of stuff on Facebook and Craigslist. Thank God for these websites! I was able to sell/give away:

1 couch

4 chairs

Guest bed frame and mattress

Our bed frame

Kitchen table and chairs

2 Blanket ladders

Washer and Dryer

Inversion table

Some of my vintage tools

and my dirt bike!)

The drive is about 22 hours to Memphis. With the exception of a 2 hour power nap, we drove straight through to see my family again. Since the Air Force is paying for us to move our things they needed weight tickets to see how much we were moving so they can reimburse us respectively. Weighing my van + trailer is when I realized that I was 5,000 lbs. over the maximum capacity that the van is supposed to pull!! We are so impressed with Jolene