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Minimalism- Part 1

Many of you know we have started a Podcast. Yes it is in on Apple Podcast, Spotify and every other podcast platform! Episode 7 is all about Minimalism or what we like to refer to it as living simply. Listen below ⬇


Things you need to know when starting your minimalism / living simplistic journey:

⚡️Minimalism is such a talked about topic these days. It is fascinating to take such a materialized society and be one to conform to living with just items that are truly a necessity. Plus we have the pressure that having stuff defines your status? Let’s not talk about all that debt tied to this stuff most of the time...Topic for another day!

💫BUT what is important is whether you are on the journey, you want to start the journey or just want to live more intentionally, know your journey will look different than other people’s. Yes the Youtube videos are intriguing because how can someone live out of one suitcase? Or live with JUST 35 things? That is for some people, but that my not be for you!

💫The most important thing YOU can do, is make every item you have one that brings you joy (which is something so important in the KonMari Method). I learned so much from her. We talk about this more in depth in the episode!

✨What is important is that every piece you have, you value. In this episode we talk about 3 points that we have learned from our van adventures last year. 1. Minimalism looks different for everyone 2. As long as it brings you joy it is okay to keep it 3. Try going 3 months without it and see if you miss it before actually getting rid of it.

"Never put pressure on yourself to conform to minimalism being this idea that you have to live with so little or you have to fit everything in a suitcase because that's not for everyone. I think that's how it's become marketed because it's fascinating and it's enjoyable to watch like wow, that's so crazy. They live on you know, what is it that book that you read where they slept on nothing? They slept on a tiny mattress and they had no furniture in the house.You know that is a true minimalist and there's nothing wrong with that, but that's not for everyone and we all have different mindsets"



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