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After passing through Chicago we were on our way to Bemidji, MN for a week with some family. We stopped for lunch in Madison, Wisconsin and enjoy gyro's and cheese curds. You can't go to Wisconsin and not get cheese curds! We got into Bemidji late at night, but nonetheless Gram had made us a batch of fresh hot chocolate chip cookies. Brandon was loved every bit of it! That started our wonderful week in MN.

Every day we got the pleasure of hanging out with Gram and Gramps. Gram always kept the sweets stocked and she made 3 batches of cookies in the week we were there. I'm not kidding, I truly believe I ate close to 30 cookies and 5 brownies. Brandon was a very happy camper that week! Let's not mention when we celebrated Grand "Father's" day for Grandpa and had HUGE steaks and asparagus (photo above)! Yum! We got to go out kayaking and look at the nest of baby eagles,  Gramps took us out on the pontoon in search of the baby loons that were just born, I got to bike from the town back home with Grandma and the next day ( the boys came to check on us haha), we had the pleasure of getting to ride around town and get the tour from Grandpa from where he grew up and the houses he lived in. It is amazing to see his father's grocery store building still intact, but reverted to a different business. This time when we drove by his childhood house on the lake, it was torn down and a new one getting built. Bummer. Grandma also got to  show us a place she lived in. We have such wonderful grandparents! They also drove down to Brainerd with us and waited for us to get our Yellow Fever vaccination and ate breakfast with us before we hit the road for NC. So sweet.

We got to see each and every family member! From riding 3 wheel motorcycles with Tim and Sandy, checking out sweet DIY's with Chris and Kurt, to playing Scrabble with Nate and Calandra, grilling by the lake with Kip and Beck, making homemade pizza and getting prepared for our trip to Kenya with Cindy and Dave, getting to catch up with my Bri-bri at coffee and shopping, and lastly being able to catch up with Auntie Val when she got home from Ukraine. Each and every one of my family members are so talented, it amazes me at what they create and hearing what they have been up to throughout the year.

"Family is not an important thing. It is everything" - Michael Fox

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