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Modern End Table From One Piece of Wood

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

You can watch our Youtube video on the end tables below.



It took me some time and maybe a little remedial middle school math training, but I was able to get the measurements figured out before cutting the wood. I had two pieces of wood and wanted to make 2 side tables and somehow it worked out perfectly!! One piece of wood is needed for one of these side tables and that is $16 at Lowe's. Pretty happy with this because shopping for a side table makes our wallets attempt to run and hide.

The hardest thing about this project was getting the correct angle cut for the diagonal piece. If the side table was in a perfect square shape then the angle would naturally be 45 degrees, but that is not what we wanted. What I did was build the right angles first. Then placed the board at the angle I wanted and traced with a pencil exactly where I wanted to cut. My table saw said it was at 47 degrees, but with that janky saw there is no telling what it actually was. All I know is I make pencil mark, I cut on pencil mark. Haha I just laughed at my own joke, that's's more pictures!

I used a pocket hole joint for the legs and staples for everything else and of course, lots of glue!

Fun little challenge and very cost effective! I am glad we are going for the minimalistic style with this house because it makes building these projects pretty simple. Not much to this one other than making sure you do not run out of wood!!

LIVE LOVE // Zo Agape

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