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New York City

Nanna and Reggie were SO good to us. They treated us to pizza that night. The next morning we went to an amazing bagle shop with Nanna and went shopping. That night we went to a Christmas Opera that Nanna got us tickets to. It was right next to central park!

The next day we hung out with Bea's mom and B drove me all around Long Island. We went and saw a beautiful lighthouse and got ready to go to Pam's baby baptism. She had a dinner after the baptism at cowfish restaurant it was beautiful. After Bea, I, Mom and Papi all went to her families house. They played white elephant and they were so nice to include us. It was absolutely hilarious though because they continually stole Bea's gift.

The next day we went into NYC with Reggie and mom came with us too. He was the best tour guide and took us all around by subway. We even got to tour ICE (Institute of Culinary Education). That was REALLY cool! Then we got back around 3 pm, Bea and Mom took me to the airport. That was such an amazing time.

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