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Ridiculously Easy Homemade Pasta

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Hey everyone! I hope you had a great week. Today I am going to share with you this ridiculously easy pasta recipe. This recipe is a huge hit in our house. All you need is flour, an egg, and a pasta maker machine. I linked the pasta maker to a machine just like mine on Amazon.

This pasta is delicious and tastes 10 times better than the store bought, dried pasta from the store. Fresh homemade pasta has an incredible texture and flavor that you just can't get from a boxed pasta.



2/3 cup flour

1 large egg

Pasta Maker Machine

Optional- Herbs like basil, cilantro or any other desired herbs

This will make enough for a healthy serving of pasta for 2 people!

Putting it together:

1. To start, make sure to clean the counters thoroughly. Then put your 2/3 cup of flour on the counter and create a well in the flour. After you have done this, crack your egg inside the well.

2. Mix the egg in the well of flour, taking your finger and adding flour as you stir the egg. * You do not need to use all the flour from the well you created. Use just enough to make it a dough that is not too sticky or wet.

3. Ball up the dough, wrap it in plastic wrap and let it sit for 20 minutes. This is crucial to the end product. After it has rested for 20 minutes lightly flour both sides and run it through your pasta maker on the lowest setting 6 times -(usually 0 or 1, my machines lowest setting is 1). Every time you run it through the machine, fold it into thirds and use your fingers to press into the dough about four times as shown below. Remember repeat this process 6 times! If the pasta becomes too sticky in between the times you put it through the roller, just lightly dust the top of the pasta.

4. Now that you have put the pasta through the pasta machine on the number 0 or 1 setting 6 times, do not fold the dough or press into it on the 7th time. Now you will start to feed the pasta through the machine going up one number every time.The pasta will get longer and longer as you progress to a higher setting. I usually start at 1 and end at 7. If the pasta is still a little thicker than you would like at setting 7 you can go up to 8 or put the pasta through the pasta maker with the setting on 7 one more time. Surprisingly, running it through the same setting several times will still thin the pasta out. (This is usually when I will get a pot of hot water boiling for cooking the pasta. No need to add salt unless you absolutely need to!) After that, I usually will add fresh herbs into my pasta dough- my favorites are basil or cilantro. To do this I will cut the long piece of pasta in half, add in my herbs and then put the other half of the pasta over the herbs. Not only does it taste great, but it creates a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing pasta! Then run it through the pasta machine several more times. I usually just run it through on setting 6 and 7 before cutting it down into noodles.

5. Next add on your pasta cutter of choice (this is usually just an attachment you add onto the machine). For this post I have shown thick cut fettuccine. Yet this same exact pasta recipe can also make spaghetti, raviolis (these are a huge hit too and I will make a post next time I make them) or any other pasta you desire. Once the pasta is cut into noodles it is ready to go into boiling water. This is the quickest part. You only need to boil the pasta 2-3 minutes and it is done! Drain the water and add your sauce. With this pasta, the noodles should be the main star of the plate so no need to have more sauce than noodle ratio. We are eating pasta with sauce, not sauce with pasta:)

Please let me know if you have any questions! I would love to help you out. Thanks for reading:)

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