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We finished up our trip in Alaska at Skagway! It was such a wonderful trip and beautiful city. One of our favorites for sure. It was quaint, quiet and peaceful once the cruise ships left. It was my birthday too, so Brandon spoiled me all day. He started out cooking breakfast and told me I couldn't cook at all that day or do anything haha! We took the train to Denver Glacier and hiked about 9 miles to a glacier in the mountain.

Then we took the train back and ate dinner at Olivia's restaurant. It was so good. I got Halibut cakes and Brandon got smoked salmon puff pastry. Then we split a huge piece of carrot cake for dessert, YUM! After that we messed around at the skate park for a bit and headed off on the road.

We headed into Canada and saw a hitchhiker. We flipped a u-turn and offered him a lawn chair in the back of our van since we only have 2 seats. He was just happy for a ride and jumped in. His name was Lukas and he was from Austria working on a Master's in geography! He was very nice, respectful and great company. He ended up riding with us for 18 hours (he pitched a tent outside the rv where we stopped to sleep) and I even got pulled over when he was in the back. That was an interesting experience! For once I felt the pressure of what it was like to hide something. We were just praying that the cop didn't ask to see in the back of the van. We didn't know if it would be illegal since technically it is like a "RV" kind of, but we didn't want to find out for Pete sake's he was literally sitting on the floor in a lawn chair without a seat belt. The cop was very nice, didn't ask to look back and let me off with a warning for speeding. We came accross a huge fire before we dropped Lukas off in Smithers and headed off to Prince George. We pushed pretty hard to get to Spokane to see Ashtin and Ed!

We arrived to Spokane around 11 am since the borders closed the night before. We explored the farm Ashtin grew up on  (it is so cool!) and went down town to see her wedding venue in December! When we were down town we walked around and I really enjoyed going in the small stores. We went back to the farm and her parents cooked chicken for dinner and we had a great night! It is so fun to meet people at college and then see the place that shaped them. It was a hard see you later to Ashtin, as it always is. I just love her sweet spirit and friendship, but we will see her in December for her wedding. I am SO excited!

After Washington, we drove 15 hours pretty much straight through to get to California. We woke up in the morning and had breakfast with our adopted Grandma Joanne. Then we went rock climbing with Jon and Tiff (We miss living by them so much) and then went to dinner after at Shiloh and Vasiliy's. That was really fun!

The next day we woke up and went to church at Bridgeway. Bea, Nanna and Reg all met us there as well as Jon and Tiff! Then we caught up on a few chores in Roseville and Brandon went and bought a dirtbike haha. We drove up the hill and grilled out for dinner with Bea, Nanna, and Reg. It was so nice to meet Bea's twin sister, but don't worry we are actually triplets because I'm a sister too haha. Bea also got picked up to commission so I am so excited for her. She will do incredible! After that, the next morning we woke up and got to see my cousin Jordan who is stationed at Beale, Charissa and their family. We at breakfast and had a blast catching up.  We then drove to Sacramento airport to pick up Mom and Ken who just flew in from Minnesota! Now we are currently packing our stuff and getting ready to leave for Kenya in the morning. Pray for safe travels and a great impact on the children in the orphanage. We are extremely excited about this opportunity!

"It's not that diamonds are a girl's best friend, but it's your best friends who are your diamonds." Gina Barreca

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