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St Louis

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

St Louis was an incredible experience. We have been there now 3 times in under 2 years simply in passing through. The last two times we spent our time exploring the famous arch and touring the town. Yet, I was surprised to find the night life to be extremely quiet downtown. This time, we decided to explore something different. I read all about Forest Park Forever so that was where we headed. In hindsight it was the best choice we could have made.

When we got into the park we unloaded our bikes out of the van and began biking to our first stop, the free zoo. I LOVE zoo's. Whenever we have the option and financial means, I am constantly asking my husband to take me to the zoo. This zoo was even more unbelievable because it wasfree! What a great thing for the city to make accessible to their people and the zoo was incredibly vast in size with a variety of great animals. My favorite animal was the gorilla because of the show it put on for the audience! They had other animals like hippos, polar bears and even the cheetahs! Quite an implausible selection for a free zoo.

After the zoo we got back on our bikes and biked the entire park. It took us about 45 minutes and then we biked to the Art Museum. This too was free and quite interesting. It had artifacts from Egypt and the sunken cities. My own thoughts were how do they as a small museum get these incredible artifacts from Egypt? What is the process of competing for these precious artifacts? Finally we rode back to the van, loaded our bikes and headed out in search of sushi. We ate at Sushi Noki and it was great. This restraunt was in a completely different part of town then we had been before. Since it was right next to the hospital, it had a bustling way about it and was more pleasant than the quaintness of the area near the arch on a Tuesday night. Overall, this city was an experience we will remember forever. Now off to Gatlinburg, TN.

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