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Last night we slept in Pigeon Forge, TN at a Wal-Mart. Quite the life saver on long month trips. We have saved quite a bit of money this way. First off, I was surprised by the appearance of Pigeon Forge. It was like a huge Arcade game or as if I was stuck in the middle of a lively video game. Truly a different, exciting experience. One day I would love to bring our future kids back. Today we drove through the Smokey Mountains and filmed the video of how we made the van. Yes, it is up on YouTube! Then we headed down to Gatlinburg and enjoyed the town a little before heading to the Longhorn Steakhouse for our favorite dinner!

Once we were stuffed to the brim, we went to Alpine Coaster for a beautiful view and a wonderful, exciting ride. These coasters were seriously like a mini roller coaster in a track. I've never seen this type before and if you do ever get a chance to go check Groupon. We saved 10 dollars! After that we went to the local Starbucks that was open until 12 am to do some homework. If you are contemplating taking a Mechanical and Structural Aviation Safety class and want to enjoy life I would encourage you to hold-off. The title made the class seem interesting, but not extremely challenging. Not the case, I'm spending a good 10 hours a week thumbing through engineering books (I'm an aeronautics major, not engineer!) and trying to calculate the bending moment of wings and figuring out the g load a wing can carry at different weights and lengths. This is a serious problem because I haven't taken math since my senior year of high school! This was 5 years ago! Anyways, to say the least, it has been my demise of the summer. Nonetheless, I found an incredible life hack this night.

LIFE HACK:When we go to Starbucks we always just buy a small coffee, black for my husband and I just grab a water cup. It costs us $2.16 and is affordable for a couple hours of good internet. Then I realized being a member I get free refills on coffee! So once my husband was done drinking and we were about to leave, I got a refill on coffee and filled up my water cup with ice. Threw the ice in the freezer over night and the coffee in the fridge and in the morning I had iced coffee! All I had to add was almond milk and it was quite a bit more affordable than buying one! I'm always looking for the most bang for our buck. Now we are off to drive the Dragon Tail and see our friends in Bostic, NC.

"Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time"

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