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The BEST No Knead Jalapeño Cheese Bread

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

My girlfriend, Ashtin, told me I need to share this recipe with everyone after she has already made it twice this week haha! It is super easy to make and it tastes absolutely delicious. It definitely tastes like a fancy bread you would buy at a bread store, but with none of the kneading or hard work for you!

I did originally get this recipe from so I want to give credit where it is due. Most of the directions are off this website, but I did change it up. Instead of using yeast, you can use sourdough starter!


You can save or print these PDF's below.


Photos of the process

I love heating it up and eating it with eggs for breakfast or making a sandwich out of it. This is such a great recipe to try if you are new to bread making or if you love jalapeno cheese bread like me.

I hope you all enjoy it!


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