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Unique Coffee Table for $100

This coffee has a long life already. She started as this.

An awkward looking side table that I build in 2018 for our house in Arizona. Jen wanted to try her act in making concrete tables and she did great! She added that piece of porcelain in there for an added look. We found that in the trash, got the concrete from Lowe's at 50% off (because the bag was ripped), and the other wood and the legs I got for free from my Grandpa. If you were to buy everything, it would still be under $100, but for us it cost a whopping 4 fat ones!!

My Dad was in town so he helped me out with this one. We literally pieced together the border from left over 2x6's. They were left over from our bed frame builds. We did not have one long enough to stretch the long side of the table, so we did what we had to. It was my Dad's idea and I think it turned out great! I really can't complain even if I wanted to, because the table is saving us so much money!

The metal legs were made by my wonderful wife in a welding class during college. We have been holding onto these for a few years and I think it looks really good with those legs! That is it folks!

Live Love // Zo Agape

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