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Visiting One of North America's Smallest Hotel Rooms

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

We are so excited to finally share with you one of our latest travel adventures- visiting one or North America's smallest hotel rooms! I'll share a few of the photos below and you can listen about our experience more in depth on our podcast Jenn & Brandon (links to different podcast platforms will be at the bottom of the page).

Visiting The Jane Hotel

The Jane hotel is a unique New York City hotel because it offers some of the smallest hotel rooms in the world. We love this idea because we have been living tiny for over 2 years and it has become a part of us now. Also, we do not need much space when we are traveling because all we have is a backpack and we will not spend much time in the hotel because that is not why we travel over there, especially NYC.

We are not joking when we say these hotel rooms are tiny! You can touch both sides of the room with your arms stretched open wide. This photo is in the standard cabin that Bran and I both shared. It is the smallest hotel room they offer, but we were both able to squeeze on that bed. Haha!

The history of this hotel truly makes it unique. We go further in depth on our podcast, but here is a little bit about it. The hotel was originally built in 1908 for sailors with cabin-like rooms. The man who designed it also designed the Immigrant station on Ellis Island. Another thing that makes this hotel unique is the fact that this is where they housed the survivors of the Titanic. Overall, the hotel has 130 Standard Cabins and 40 Bunk Bed Cabins. The unique part is the shared bathrooms. It felt like living in the dorms again. They also have 30 Captain’s Cabins which have their own bathrooms. Inspired by luxury ship and train cabins, The Jane uses thoughtful design to pack maximum convenience into minimal space. We love this idea, because we have lived tiny for 2 years now.

The Standard Cabin

The Communal Bathrooms

The Ballroom

The Rooftop Bar

If you are interested in reading more about the hotel, you can visit their website Some of these photos from above are pulled directly from their website, as well as a lot of the information we shared in our podcast. Thanks for always following along on our journey.

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We can't thank you guys enough for following our journey!


Jenn & Brandon

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