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Washington DC, Niagara Falls, & Chicago


Washington DC ranks up there as one of my favorite bike rides ever. Being able to ride from memorial to memorial on huge sidewalks was phenomenal. The day was absolutely gorgeous and I loved seeing the White House, Lincoln Memorial, biking to the Smithsonian and then to Arlington Cemetery. So much history in one place, we barely got to see the beginning of it!


We made just a brief stop at Niagara Falls before continuing on to Cleveland, OH for the night. We made a pit stop at a small local market in Huron, OH. The town was quaint, and quite lovely. We ate at Longhorn Steakhouse and now we are hooked. There steak was sooo tasty. Then the following morning after a quick stop at Chick-fil-a for breakfast we headed to Chicago!


I have been wanting to go to Chicago for several years so this was something I was definitely looking forward to. We ate at Pizzeria Uno to get the original deep dish pizza. It was so good. Why is deep dish pizza not an everyday thing? Besides it being $30 for a small, I highly recommend it! We walked to the Bean, enjoyed a Jazz festival and walked into the Trump hotel just because why not. We of course got to enjoy the rest of our night sitting behind our computers in a Ghiradelli doing homework in downtown Chicago. What a night, until we had a pleasant surprise of witnessing the World Naked Bike Ride 2018 in Chicago. There was several hundred people or more biking in various bikinis, men in thongs or in the nude and occasional skateboarders butt naked. What sight! Then after we tucked in to bed at another Walmart parking lot. We are off to see family in Bemidji, MN for a week!

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