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Wooden House Shutters Under $20

For these shutters I used the $2 1x4 pieces of common board. I love using this wood because they are so cheap and you can make a lot of different things with them.

For this project I had a new employee in the shop with me. Lola was a little distracting for me completing this project on time, however. It seemed like all she wanted to do was play and not get any work done. I'll still keep her on the payroll, because she is good company.

One set of shutters takes 6 1x4's. Staple or nail gun and glue to fasten them together and some paint to finish them. I also had to buy a masonry bit and masonry screws to fasten them to the brick. Those prices were added to the over price of the shutters.

After fastening the wood together with nails, I plugged the holes with exterior safe wood filler.

Then the paint! Just make sure the paint is rated for exterior use! I put 3 coats of paint on both sides. It was time consuming, but very important so they will last for a long time in the weather.

Time to fasten them to the house! I ran a masonry screw into the brick to hold these shutters up. It seems like there are differing opinions on what to use to mount things on a brick house; mortar or the brick. I used the brick because it makes since to me. A screw into brick seems more sturdy to me than a plug in some sand between the bricks. The only benefit I can think of for drilling into the mortar is f you ever want to take the shutters off. It is a lot easier to patch a hole in the mortar than the brick. I plan on leaving these up for as long as we own the house so that will not be an issue for us.

After screwing it into the brick, I plugged the holes over the screw head with caulk.

Here is is before and after picture of the house. It really gave the house a nice face lift!

Live Love // Zo Agape

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Wow...Building and putting up the shutters makes a world of difference in how your home looks... :)

Apr 18, 2021
Replying to

Yes, we absolutely love the transformation for such a small price. Miss you 🥰

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