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Hello friend! We are Jenn and Brandon and we are so thankful to have you here. We were inspired to make this website after having a blog for 2 years. Our hopes are that this website will show case our adventures, who we are and inspire others to live their fullest life even when you have to work a 40 hour a week job. Life truly is what you make of it.

We have been married since July 16, 2016 and tackle every challenge that comes at us. As the time passes, we continue to focus on the bigger picture of life and in return, it has drawn us much closer together. We have learned that life becomes more beautiful and profound when you live intentional and with purpose (whatever your purpose may be).


Many of our family members refer to us as modern day nomads! During the week you can find us flying around the globe because we are both cargo pilots and during the weekend you can find us living in our RV or traveling in our van with our two pups. Thanks for being here with us! 

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