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April 2019

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Busy with school, the first thing we were able to do this month was our ROTC Dining Out. This is a military tradition and it was a good way to end our time in ROTC.

The next weekend we went dirt bike riding at Mt. Harquahala with Jen's sister, Amber and her husband, Jeff. We got some great footage and Jen was able to make a video for YouTube. Check it out!

That next week at work I bought a drone from one of my co-workers for a really good deal and I started practicing flying it immediately. The next weekend we went on a hike to Fossil Creek and I got to use the drone for the first time. We really enjoyed the hike and spending more time with Amber and Jeff. Jen was also able to make a video about this hike.

We are now preparing for our graduation and our move. It is crazy to think how much our lives will be changing in the next month and especially the next year. We are excited for everything coming and we hope you enjoy these videos!

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Love the videos! I'm already plotting how to convince Ed to let us fly down to see you guys :)

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