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We now have our tailwheel endorsements!!

It is official! We both have our tailwheel endorsements. It is always fun marking things off your bucket list, but even better when we get to do them together! We have had this one on our list of things we wanted to do for quite some time now, but you weren't able to pursue any other flying endorsments or ratings during pilot training for the Air Force. So we were being patient. The reason we love tailwheel so much is because the back country flying you can do is incredible and I included a few back country flying pieces of footage in the our short film of flying below.

The process is actually really quick and not terribly difficult to get your tailwheel endorsement once you already have your pilot license. We took a tailwheel ground school and then we just went up and flew until the instructor deemed us safe. We had to be able to takeoff and land in normal and crosswind landings. Here is exact the definition from AOPA-

"The tailwheel endorsement does not require a minimum number of flight hours to obtain, and can possibly be accomplished efficiently and safely within a few hours of flight training. CFR 61.31(i) does, however, require at least certain maneuvers and procedures be performed: Normal and crosswind takeoffs and landings."


BUT now that we have our endorsement we can't stop looking to the future. We are very excited to get out to CA and start looking for a tailwheel aircraft. This isn't a quick process so it will definitely take some time. We have to buy a 4 seater which really narrows down the search too because you know the girls, Maggie & Lola (our pups) will be coming on all our trips with us!

There are several different types of tailwheel aircraft out there, but we are looking at a few specifically. The names of them are Kitfox, Super Cub or Bearhawk.



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