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February 2020

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

This month we got to go on cross-country trips flying the T-6! This is the part of training where we get to take the planes far out of our comfort zone of Northern Mississippi and spend a couple nights somewhere else. On the first trip I went to Tallahassee, FL for Friday night. I had a 107 Knot tail wind the whole way there so we got there pretty quick. On Saturday we flew east to the coast and then followed the coast to Charleston, SC. The third picture shows our flight path and how we circled over my instructor's parents house in South Carolina. Sunday, we came home with a stop in Macon, GA for some food and gas. It was an awesome trip and got to spend it with some of favorite people I have met in pilot training so far!

The second trip I did was on the same weekend that Jen did her cross country trip. Unfortunately, we went to different locations. Jen's group went to Savannah, GA for the first night and then down to Pensacola, FL. My group went down to Gulf port, MS.

After this trip I came back and did my last check ride in the T-6 and then straight into two flights a day flying formation. On Friday, the 27th I flew solo again, but this time in a formation. It was the best flight in the T-6 yet! It is pretty wild that the Air Force trusts us students to fly 10 feet from another aircraft by ourselves, but I am glad they do because that was probably the most fun I've had in a while! The Instructor in the back of the other plane was able to snap some pictures of me and a short video. I have just a few flights left in the T-6 and I am going to miss her. As long as the weather is good I will be done by the 11th of next month and then onto flying the T-1 aircraft. Jen is in the class behind my class so her formation solo will be next month, so be sure to look for those pictures in next month's blog.

This month we were able to sneak away to Birmingham for a weekend for a 5K and half marathon with some friends and my parents! My Dad has been trying to get under 21 minutes for the 5K race for 5 years now. He was a little tired at the end of the race, but he pushed through the pain and finished at 20:55! Sorry Dad, I love this picture too much to not put it in here. LOL Great memories!!

My Dad also got first place for his age group and so did Jen! My mom crushed it as well getting a faster time then she ever has! Then Jen and I did the half marathon the next day with some friends and it was a blast.

"A man's riches are based on what he can do without" - Henry David Thoreau

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