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New Orleans, Louisiana

We left Florida and headed out for New Orleans. On our way there though, we stopped at the Naval Air Museum at Pensacola. They have the ME-262. The first aircraft with a jet engine ever built and one that Robin Olds fought against. Of course we had to stop! Aircraft museums have definitely become one of our favorite past times. After that we headed out for New Orleans and when we got there it was so amazing! It was one of those places on my list and I am so glad we went.

We got out our bikes and rode around the streets, filled with cultural, live music and liveliness. Our first stop was Jackson Square, from there we walked near the river and decided to head to Louis Armstrong Park. On our way there, we stopped at the Gumbo Shop. We got to have some of their voted "best in the city" chicken and sausage gumbo. We waited to eat it until we got to the park and then relaxed there for a while. We talked about our travels, how much we have enjoyed it and did a little re-budgeting. Through this experience we have learned to just slow down and enjoy the moment.

After we finished at the park we headed back down through the French Quarter area and I strolled the Flea Market for a bit as Brandon watched the bikes. I couldn't believe we forgot our bike lock in the van. Oh well. Brandon is a trooper and didn't mind. Then we headed back and biked Bourbon Street. This street is so lively and I can only imagine what it is like during Mardi Gras. Maybe one day we will return for that! Anyways, after all that we headed back to the van and started the road to Texas. Where I will meet my girlfriend, Amy, that I have known since I was 6ish years old!

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