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September 2019

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Oh wonderful September! We are so excited for some cool weather! It was my Mom's birthday on the eight so we got to spend the day with her and then sent her to get a massage after singing to her of course:)

While in Memphis we went to an indoor rock climbing gym and saw Mom tackle some walls even though we somehow managed to not get any pictures:( We also went up there another weekend and ran 15 miles with my Dad. We are really enjoying living so close to family!

We are training for a Marathon in December in support of St. Jude Hospital. St. Jude is the main reason my family lives in Memphis, because my oldest brother had Leukemia at the age of 2 and was named a survivor at the age of 5. It is amazing how they charge nothing to the families for the treatments which has transformed many lives including my family!

With all this training, we are putting our bodies under some new types of stress and Jen has come down with Achilles tendinitis. We hope that she will get better soon, so she can get back on the training schedule. We are both hoping to get under 4 hours which will be a lot faster than our last one!!The last one was earlier this year and I was a baby and didn't even finish and Jen was NOT the last person to finish, but very close to the last person LOL, but I am very proud of her. It will be interesting to see what times we get now that we are actually training for the race.

Near the end of the month I took my T-6 simulator check ride at work and passed. I am officially done with phase 1 of pilot training!! (there are 3 phases overall). Jen will be passing her check ride early next month!! The pipeline in pilot training is so backed up right now, they are not sending us directly to the next phase. They are giving us a break, but it's not really a break, but it's kind of not really work either haha. Stay tuned for next month to find out what we have planned to fill our unexpected free time!!

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