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Striking Sister Gold

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

These are our people. No matter what.

Sisters. Our rocks. Our persons. They have shaped you, molded you, and sometimes even frustrated you beyond belief. Whether they are blood sisters or sisters by choice, they keep you going when mountains seem unsurpassable or when life is a breeze.

This past weekend we got to celebrate my sister on her wedding day and I can't be more thankful for her. Her friendship, her honesty, her selflessness, her sisterhood. Therefore, I want to share 5 things I have learned by having sisters. If there is one take away I hope you get from this post- BE A TRUE FRIEND.

You will never have a strong sisterhood/friendship if you don't learn to BE a friend. Listen to them. Tell them when you are thinking of them. Be honest with each other. Don't take them for granted. Lastly, remember love is the greatest gift.

1. Listen

Sometimes it is important to just stop and listen. One thing my sister does that I LOVE is when I try to change the topic from talking about me to ask her how she is doing, she sometimes will respond, "No I'm not done hearing about you. Tell me more." Truly, wow. Try that one and see the difference. It makes the other person feel that what they are saying is valued, that you treasure their time, their words and that you truly care about what they are saying.

2. Talk

With families now spread out around the US, living thousands of miles apart, chose to bridge that gap by keeping in touch. For me I follow up and text a sister, a girlfriend, or any person as a matter of fact whenever I think of them <-- This is gold. Whenever, I mean truly, any time of the day I think of someone I just shoot them a text. Thinking of you, love you (if it is appropriate to that person)! My husband always says why do you say I love you to soo many people. GIRLLLLL... you can never say I love you enough to the people you care about! So let them know.

3. Honesty

As I continue my life journey, this has got to be one of the greatest things I am thankful for. My sisters honesty with me. The times when they would say... you could have responded to this situation better or you are looking at this situation from the wrong perspective. These conversations are critical to where I am today. That being said. You HAVE TO humble yourself enough to take the criticism. In the end, most of those times they have said something to me saved me from so much embarrassment/ frustration down the road. In addition, it also led me to maturity and growth by self evaluating myself to make each action I do more meaningful. *sisters be careful how you critique one another, be loving, patient and kind. Also, know that if you are being critiqued it is okay to not always agree. We also don't always have to change once we are told something. Just try to keep in mind and be respectful. The growth you will experience is exponential; but, never forget at the end of the day, being YOU is more important than anything else.

4. Treasure

So many of us with sisters know that bond can not be broken. Do not take this for granted. There are sadly sisters out there who do no have that bond with one another. They or one person in the relationship has decided not to chose their sister/best friend over the trials of life or other circumstances. Therefore, treasure your sister and the relationship you have. It is timeless. It is worth more than money. Value their time, their energy and effort they put into the relationship. Then return that same time, effort and energy. Don't sell the relationship short.

5. Love.

Celebrate them. This is something I have learned about most. I learned this from not a blood sister, but a best friend who I look at as a sister. She celebrates my accomplishments as if I won a million dollars. She can seriously make me feel like the $30 shoes I bought at the store are one in a million, on back order, created by the lead designer in the US. NO JOKE. Yet, some may think this positivity, excitement for such simple things is overkill; but, I promise it is not. It has changed my life, SERIOUSLY. Choose to surround yourself with people that lift you up, encourage you and are happy for you will change the way you look at every day circumstances. I have noticed a tremendous change in my life and my outlook simply because of her. One person. Therefore, if you do not have that outpouring love or that one person around you that excites you-- be THAT person. Chose to celebrate those around you. Listen to them, text them when you are excited for them, be honest and sincere, treat their relationship as valued and sacred by pouring out love to them.

I encourage you, take action in your life. Wake up every morning choosing to be happy, choosing to encourage and choosing LOVE. At the end of the day, being a friend and having a true friend is GOLD. It will leave you richer and fuller than any possession you can own.

Let me know if any of this impacts your life like it has mine. Also, please share it with others or the people that are valuable in your life. I would love to get feedback.



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