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Build your own fold down desk || DIY Murphy Desk

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

I seriously still can't believe I finished this project. This was my first time doing a project start to finish with my own two hands, operating all the tools, staining and painting, but let me tell you Brandon was definitely there for me answering questions and giving me tips when I needed it too! I know not everyone has a Brandon to ask questions to, so it has inspired me to create my first wood working guide to help people create too! I put a lot of time into this Build This Guide and I am expecting it to become a series of our favorite builds. It breaks down the build in great detail and it is easy to follow along. Check it out below and thank you for your support!


Here is the Youtube video of the build-


If you would like to support this project you can purchase it from our Support Us tab on our website bar or on Etsy-Here


Lets Build

All the exact measurements, pictures and tools I used are in my guide, but I'll give you a brief overview here. To begin this build, I cut down all the pieces and put them together with wood glue and a nail gun. Like I previously mentioned, this is my very first build so I tried to keep things as simple as possible.

I repeated this process for the perimeter of the project and then measured the two boards that were going to be inside the perimeter. I did the same thing on the interior pieces by applying wood glue and nailing them in. A clamp helped keep the boards as tight as possible when nailing them together.

After I got this all nailed together I started creating my shelves for the interior of the project. I created two different types of shelves. A small corner shelf and a shelf that went all the way across for journals or whatever else I decide.

Next, I cut out the plywood for the front of the Murphy desk using the table saw. I used two pieces of plywood for the front of the project.

After I cut out the two pieces of plywood, I measured, drilled the holes for the hinges and mounted the plywood door to the perimeter piece.

I didn't keep the hinges mounted. I took off the door and stained the entire project and let it dry. After it dried it was time to apply wood banding, the hinges and get ready to tape the front of the project.

Paint the front of the Murphy Desk. I came up with this design on my own, but I am really happy with how it turned out. You can use any colors you want.

We then mounted the doors with concealed hinges, sealed the project with 50/50 mix of polyurethane and mineral spirits and hung the project using with heavy duty L brackets!

We added the chain once it was hung and I'm so happy with the completion of MY VERY FIRST project. Thanks for following along!

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